We provide accounting services for both individuals and companies alike, with a focus on SMME’s. Our passion lies in assisting small business to realise their potential growth, through strict management and oversight of their financials on a day-to-day basis as well a monthly overview.

Your business deserves the best chance possible to grow and reach new heights. Too often, the need for an accountant is overlooked, costing small business more money in the long run when ‘problems’ or backlog needs to be sorted out. There is far more value in starting your business with the right accounting partner, than waiting until a return is due to try and pull things together.

As a small business owner myself, I love to help other small business owners along their journey.

My business was born out of word of mouth, tax-related assistance to family and friends. I was inspired by how far-reaching and impactful my services can be. I provide stress-relief in the form of tax knowledge, and giving my clients peace of mind when it comes to dealing with SARS and their personal or business finances. I may be an accountant, but I am a people’s person too…with a big heart.

Choose Ceronio Tax and Accounting. Not because you need someone to do your books, or submit your return, but because you need a friend who will take care of your tax and business affairs.

All my services are provided remotely/online. Need a face to face meeting? no problem! Whatsapp, Facetime, Zoom, Google…the technology world is our meeting place!

With being a remote/online service provider, there is no contact with customers, and thus no risk where COVID-19 is concerned.

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